Virtual Reality for Workplace Transformation


BeingVR is pioneering virtual reality for learning, engagement and behavioural change. The world is about to experience the greatest workplace shift since the Industrial Revolution. By 2025, 50% of talent will need to be re-skilled to adapt to a digitised workforce (World Economic Forum, 2018). We exist to help you prepare your people, develop and celebrate their uniquely human skills for the future of work.

We use VR for digital storytelling, immersing people in realistic scenarios to learn on-the-job skills, through: 1. Story 2. Emotion 3. Role Modelling, and 4. Multi-sensory experiences.

Solving Big Problems

Requirements for future work skills have changed, yet education and training has not. As a result McKinsey predict a potential global shortage of 40 million high skills workers in 2020. Already 79% of CEOs globally are concerned about the availability of key skills (PwC, 2018) and despite a large pool of unemployed workers, employers continue to struggle to find skilled talent for business-critical roles (American Society for Training and Development, 2012). This skills gap represents a massive pool of untapped talent, and it has dire consequences, including economic underperformance, social unrest, and individual despair (McKinsey, 2017). Education Innovation is desperately needed and BeingVR presents an opportunity to harness emerging technology for the benefit of humanity.

Education Innovation

BeingVR is committed to developing engaging and effective learning and development in virtual reality to help your organisation fuel it’s success into our digital future. We recognise the need for soft-skills development in particular, as work changes in the face of automation and AI, and our unique “human” talents (including the ability to harness diversity effectively) come to the fore as a differentiator and competitive edge. We align ourselves to the UN’s sustainable development goals across: Education Equality, and Employability.

Benefits of Learning in VR


Knowledge retention and memory recall after immersive learning is significantly higher than traditional teaching methods alone.

Removes Obstacles to Learning

Reduces apprehension and embarrassment, which often limits learning outcomes in the real world.

Repetition Strengthens Neural Networks

Allows the participant to practice until confident and forge brain connections for desired behavioural change (neuroplasticity).

Multi Sensory Learning Environment

Gives independence to explore and interact with topics in users preferred learning style.

Consequence Free

A safe, confidential and consequence free environment.

Engagement and Retention

The financial cost of disengaged employees cost Australian businesses AUS$40 billion p.a (Gallup, 2018). A memorable learning experience becomes an impactful one and majority millennials now expect meaningful development in their role.

Learning retention one year after a VR training session can be as much as 80%, compared to 20% retention after a week with traditional training (Miami Children's Health System).
BeingVR invite organisations to step into the future of training right now.
Lucie Hammond
Founder, BeingVR
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